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Fordham people

  • Our people understand their clients
  • Our people know their stuff
  • Our people are different

Listen to our people

Our people are different

"Advising the owners of private businesses is not for everybody. It takes a special person:"


"Advising the owners of private businesses is not for everybody. It takes a special person:"


  • You will need a passion for understanding how a privately owned business works
  • You need great communication skills for working within your team, reporting to directors and dealing on a highly confidential level directly with business owners
  • You need to develop strong taxation, accounting and advisory skills relevant to client business with 20-200 employees
  • You must have a passion to learn and grow – our Excellence Groups need great people to drive knowledge and maintain our technical edge


Listen to our people


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Fordham people help business owners solve their problems and plan their futures

Industry leading knowledge and skills

To maintain Fordham at the forefront of specialist knowledge, we have Centres of Excellence in:

  • Taxation change and understanding
  • Business management and advice
  • Economic environment and client impact
  • Superannuation
  • Wealth accumulation and retirement
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Franchising systems
  • Retail motor industry

Naturally, this is in addition to normal training, coaching and mentoring.

Unique roles in a unique firm

This is not your average accounting career!
With Fordham, you are part of a group of people who are proud to be the “champions of the business owner” in Australia.
We help the right people to become trusted advisors, setting them apart from the average accountant.
We give our people the methodology and the support to be their best … so that we can be the best in our market.